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The only thing “evil” about this strain is how quickly it can catch you off guard and knock you flat.  A flavorful Blackberry Kush cut, this Indica dominant strain muscles its way to the top of our strain recommendation list based largely on its superior physical relief and hefty, locking high. This strain will not disappoint!!

Evil Berry’s tight, dense buds are rich with punky-earth and dark berry scents. And light seems to just dance across the bud’s thick layer of trichomes.  The impenetrable smoke was pungent with an over-ripe berry flavor, largely smooth and enjoyable.

As an indica dominant strain, Evil Berry is immediately heavy in the head and shoulders upon use, creating a stoney, weighty high.  Best when consumed late in the day, its sedative, almost narcotic high is effective for chronic pain, and when used immediately before bed, it tucks you into a peaceful night’s sleep.  With so many physical symptoms addressed in a single strain, Evil Berry is sure to gain a permanent spot in your medicine cabinet.