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HIGHLY Reviewed. Professional, courteous, friendly, and discreet delivery. Don't waste your time, gas, and sanity driving around town looking for a place to get your medication. Let us just bring it right to your door with a smile. We are confident you will appreciate the absolute convenience of our service. Medication is THC CBD THCA CBDA and CBN. 


SCQM Delivery is a medical marijuana delivery service.

The compassionate professionals of SCQM Delivery want to connect medical marijuana patients with the best quality cannabis products and service Orange County has to offer. The SCQM Delivery menu offers a vast selection of flowers, extracts, and edibles to meet the diverse needs of patients.  SCQM Delivery is comprised of a well-educated team that possesses extensive product knowledge. For access to high-quality, affordable cannabis and discreet deliveries provided by friendly drivers, look no further than SCQM Delivery.


History and Staff

The SCQM Delivery team is dedicated to its patients and strives to make each part of the delivery experience as easy and comfortable as possible. SCQM Delivery staff genuinely cares about their patients, and they’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. This medical marijuana delivery service began when the founder saw an opportunity to make a new life for himself in California. He moved to the west coast and became established in 2012. Since the start, the founder has witnessed the remarkable aid cannabis provides. He and his team are continually moved by their patient's success stories and increased quality of life. Today, SCQM Delivery continues to bring the best cannabis products promptly with customer care that is sure to leave a smile on your face.



SCQM Delivery offers patients a wonderful selection of cannabis products from flowers to topicals. SCQM Delivery understands that it takes a couple of tokes of different strains to find the one that works best. Customers may be pleased to find a 5-gram sampler pack for those seeking their perfect strain. The SCQM Delivery. menu also provides a selection of extracts including Weedmaps Verified Alpine CO2 oil in Blueberry Melon. This premium e-juice offers 80% Delta-9 THC and exhibits sweet, fruity flavors with every puff. SCQM Delivery patients in need of a smokeless option have plenty to choose from on the SCQM Delivery menu, like  products from Bhang including CBD Chewing Gum, and quad-strength chocolate bars in Caramel Mocha, Dark Blueberry, and Parisian Espresso. SCQM Delivery carries non-intoxicating options as well! Apply relieving cannabis directly to the area in pain with Cannabidiol Pain Relief Roll-On packing 100 mg of active CBD.